Angol szintfelmérő

Ez a szintfelmérő 32 tesztkérdést és egy olvasásértési feladatot tartalmaz. 30 percnél nem kell többet szánnod a kitöltésére. Ha lehet, mellőzd a segédeszközök használatát (szótár, tankönyv, net, szomszéd stb.). Minden kérdésre adj választ, mindenhol csak egyetlen helyes megoldás van. Jó szórakozást! 🙂

He ________ basketball once a week.


My sister ________ to school last week, because she ________ ill.


Are these dictionaries ________?


Do you ________ at lunchtime?


I ________ a new laptop because the old one is too slow.


How ________ movies do you watch in a month?


________ you interested ________ astrology?


My father goes to work ________ bus.


They don’t ________ stay at school after the lessons.


This test is ________ than that one.


________ cats like to eat ________  fish.


There’s a university in the town centre, ________ there?


How long ________ your dog?


I ________  at the theater that I ________  my wallet at home.


You ________ to attend the party yesterday.


This situation was so  ________.


An average worker ________ 7€ hourly.


Sorry, you ________ to smoke in here.


________ shoes do you take?


She continued playing handball ________ her accident.


London, ________ is a great city, is the capital of Great Britain.


If I ________ time, I ________ you.


My uncle said he ________ me for two years.


The Guardian ________ six days a week.


Grandpa didn’t remember anyone ________ the photos.


I think we ________ late again.


________ harder you study, the better grades you get at school.


They ________ to come.


It’s time you ________ home, I’d rather you ________ here.


That ________ be my brother at the door it’s too early.


I wish we ________ here. Let’s go now, ________ we?


________ you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Olvasd el a szöveget, majd jelöld meg a helyes választ a szöveg alatti kérdésekre!


A tour around the capital

Have you ever been to London? Do you know about the London Blue Plaques?

The plaques are special blue signs that are put up in honour of famous people. And there are a few of them dotted around that you can see as you walk the streets of London. Come on – let’s see who we can find!

Just half a mile from Broadcasting House. This is the house where Virginia Woolf lived from 1907 to 1911. Woolf was a famous novelist. A famous film ‘The Hours’ tells her biography, she was played by Nicole Kidman, who won an Oscar for her performance. The next important place in London is Soho. This is the place where television was first demonstrated. How many of us have a TV? And who invented it? Well, it was John Logie Baird, a Scottish engineer in 1926. The house where Newton lived from 1642 to 1727 can be found in London. Isaac Newton was a scientist and he came up with a theory of gravity – the invisible force that keeps us on the earth.

At the last stop on our Blue Plaque tour we can visit a world-famous musician’s home. Can you guess who he was? He wasn’t British like our other famous Blue Plaque people.  He came to London from another country and had a big influence on other musicians in his time and after his death. His surname begins with the letter ‘H’… If you are thinking of the classical composer Handel, then well done – you are right! If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute! It’s the home of rock guitar legend Jimi Hendrix,” then you are also right!


1. kérdés:

Ez a szöveg…


2. kérdés:

Nicole Kidman egykor a Broadcasting House-ban forgatott.


3. kérdés:

Ki találta fel a televíziót?


4. kérdés:

Newton 1642 és 1727 között bizonyította a gravitáció létezést.


5. kérés:

A szöveg alapján Handel és Jimi Hendrix életére nem igaz, hogy…